K-Rino - T-Rash (Skit)

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Author: Musho
T-Rash better then most main stream artists haha luv you K.
Author: Mazusar
I need to hear T-Rash come back in a song man. You battle his ass XD
Author: Shall
LMAO. K-rino's so cold, that when he immitates a wack emcee, he still goes hard. Thats crazy.
Author: Goltinos
oh yes like those people could even get to a k-rino video
Author: Zulusar
I'm kinda feelin' t-rash... rather listen to him then most LOL
Author: Shakalmaran
T-rash is fire
Author: Shakall
t series gay
Author: Fehn
Ankstroms, if u can't see that's a joke ur a dumb ass. I hope ur joking as well... Grand Deception! Bitch!
Author: Motilar
this is funny lol. K slammed the mainstream. funny thing is he does a better job rapping these 't-rash' lyrics than these mcs in the game
Author: Vudogor
T-rash>2 Chainz
Author: Meztizshura
1. K-Rino
Author: Golkis
Battle rap t rash on a track
Author: Bajind
T rash Aka 2 Chains!
Author: Niktilar
Got solid gold rims on the car I drive/ my mama said: "Boy, how you get so live ?!". lol
Author: Satilar
daaaaaang k finally got dat swag! i didnt really like him cuz he be rappin made up words and all but this is straight fire! fuck the haters!
Author: Nelkis
T-Rash haha, say it fast and he sounds like trash :P
Author: Dicage
T-Rash is what main stream is
Author: Mezibei
K Rino is silly on this one. I like the message though. Rap ain't hip hop
Author: Guktilar
anything K Rino make I'm getting it
Author: Mikashakar
2. T-Rash
Author: Voodoonris
I'm iced up like a swole ankle. Lol.
Author: Taunris
My top 2 rappers
Author: Megis
Big up
Author: Faegor
I just Litrally bought a Pack of LM Trash from Devin/11 of cours3 with cash it literally affected me to feel & be.less (As of today the word less I'm going to spell it with a 3rd S it looks better that to m3) as I walked up to that Phoenix spot on Eldridge to have a stick of Menthol GREEN trash I twisted my left ankle walking with a limp now if this is back to stay & live with me I will belong well behind.a wheel. There is a hypnotized photo of that place I added o Facebook like the driver landing in a homes back yard off the freeway. Its hypnotizing like how I witnessed Mitch #2 From the Capital of our State the Sq35. I witnessed Mitch #2 locking & reviving the MVP of some Some All-Star game back in the 90's on Pioneer streeef
Author: Mikat
Right here T- Rash, the everyday main-stream artist. Coldest cat in the game hands down.
Author: Voodoocage
T rash should just use his cash not as toilet paper. I mean like buying toilet paper!
Author: Tojagore
lol youre jokin right?
Author: Maudal
Hahahahahahahahh!!! That's cold
Author: Galkree
Author: Tezuru


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