Mozart- Piano Sonata in B flat major, K. 333- 1st mov. Allegro

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Comments "Mozart- Piano Sonata in B flat major, K. 333- 1st mov. Allegro":

Author: Voodoozahn
@pianololita Female pianists? Why not just "pianists"?
Author: Vubei
Who's hiding the fact that she's a female? Besides, it would be quite difficult. It's rather obvious that she's a woman.
Author: Voodootaur
Author: Yozshudal
because the vhite people can not be telling which-which is asian man and asian womens, ho. not this person-that person can they be telling, so how mans or womens can they be telling, ho.
Author: Kerisar
Uchida is amazing
Author: Aralmaran
Author: Nesida
@lospazio you can hear female when they play piano... they alway have something.. you can't tell it.. you just fell it... Women are really awesome.
Author: Gunris
@baccopennay not even a little bit.
Author: Manris
Author: Najas
because males are way better
Author: Jura
I love this piece... ;)
Author: Volrajas
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Kishakar
Uchida is one of the few people that can make even the most ardent Mozart haters feel the emotion in his music.
Author: Vujinn
Best rendition of this song. She plays with so much heart and soul. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then you suck. All I can say.
Author: Doulrajas
I do not like any keylion behavior..
Author: Grojas
Ms. Uchida is the person who makes me loves Mozart's pieces.
Author: Nezil
I think you may be missing the point. Iospazio is trying to point out the sexism in pianololita's comment. Why is there a need to discriminate between female and male pianists.
Author: Fedal
Author: Gutilar
Uchita's Mozart interpretation is unbeatable, is in its own league above all others, as if she was born as Mozart's contemporary or even in his family. Mozart smiles in the heaven whenever he hears Uchita's playing of his music.
Author: Mekree
voll Gefühl und Feinheit!
Author: Meztim
I think it is excellent - but a little too fast
Author: Dilkis
진짜 잘친다
Author: Akinotaur
Uchida breaths the life into this little masterpiece. This is the best interpretation by far! Bravo!
Author: Nigrel
amazing, I love this piece
Author: Samuzshura
Author: Vusar
very good
Author: Akinoshakar
Author: Meztikus
@dammitdepinna Even though I'm a Chopindiva!
Author: Grotaxe
Are you the BFG?
Author: Taukora
she is so ugly :D
Author: Gardalar
Absolutely brilliant!!  BRAVO!!!!
Author: Dokora
"Thumbs Up", "Like", etc. She is the foremost living interpreter of Mozart in my (non-musicologist's) opinion...
Author: Kajikasa
Wonderful! Wunderbar!!!! Mozart would think so also!!!!!!
Author: Faekree
Mozart would kiss her!!!
Author: Mikat
Your amazing!
Author: Fenrilkree
I think there is a comment saying this on every single piece of classical music on youtube
Author: Magami
Well, you're right, it's very subjective in one perspective, but I love how her playing is very pristine-- Mozart in my opinion sounds best on the fortepiano.
Author: Tygogul
Studying this for A2 music~
Author: Zulutaur
I wish she would lighten up on the resolutions of the eighth-note appogiaturas - DOWN up, instead of DOWN UP, if you know what I mean.  These regularly occurring two-note figures would sound more gracefully musical.  She is a tremendous pianist and musician, but this Mozart could come alive and breathe a bit more.  Rat-a-tat-tat, too much of the time.  Typewriterish, almost. 
Author: Nijora
The Queen of Mozart!
Author: Sataur
I think Uchida is wonderful. There is none better!
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Absolutely!! She gives me so much positive energy each time I listen to her... She plays with an imagination & an intensity that are seldom heard.
Author: Mukazahn
Uchida is much better than Gould imo because Gould messed up the tempo, and doesnt do any ARTICULATION
Author: Gugor
I once read of a survey done to see if listeners with no visual clues could tell whether the (classical) pianists playing were male or female. Interestingly, the more musically educated the listeners the less certain they were of the sex of a performer; and when any of the top pianists were tested, they had to admit they simply couldn't tell whether the performer was male or female.
Author: Kigalkree
@pianololita: I heard her slip twice: Once LIVE in the beginning of the Carnival, and again on YouTube in the beginning of Beethoven's Emperor. It appears she just gets a little nervous when opening a piece. lol
Author: Douzuru
내가 쳣던거다! 찻아봤는데이게 여기있었구나!
Author: Nihn
Bravo !!
Author: Faura
But she's still my absolute favorite "female" pianist.
Author: Shakara
Author: Misida
Well done :)
Author: Kazikinos
Because most of the famous pianists are male.
Author: Zulkinris
Like is music A - level took you here :)
Author: Nalrajas
well to be honest, professionals aren't meant to slip up and even if they did, they have the skill to disguise the mistakes anyway.
Author: Faenris
@gulosian yes the legendary uchida facial expressions
Author: Vomuro
Uchida is the greatest living interpreter of Mozart... She is divine...
Author: Taut
thanks for uploading :)
Author: Vudojinn
"Hannibal" brought me here....exquisite!
Author: Zushicage
Oh, this is so amazing!
Author: Nakree
Gould is amazing at Bach-I wont argue about that, but he isnt as good as Uchida when it comes to Mozart.
Author: Tojajas
Author: Zulukora
Author: Meztigor
very nice!
Author: Domi
내가 칠거다!!!근데....이 사람이 누구예요?
Author: Mezizshura
What a wonderful piece of art!
Author: Shakashicage
is it just me or is this a little too fast?
Author: Taukus
Very nice (why all the racist and sexist comments???) :)
Author: Malarisar
so distinctive
Author: Dizshura
Author: Zukora
What was that debacle of a paragraph even trying to communicate?
Author: Arashishicage
-a pianist how love women
Author: Shakar
( :
Author: Najas
Bardzo ciekawe wykonanie
Author: Nitaur
Very nice, one of my favorite pianist who can play Mozart the way it should be!
Author: Kem
Mozart would kiss her!!!
Author: Muzilkree
In Mozart less is more. She knew that once long ago.
Author: Faugore
The development begins at 3:50
Author: Virn
A far better interpretation than the Lang Lang performance presented at BBC Proms. This is far more consistant, and in keeping with Mozart's somewhat "no nonsense" approach.
Author: Fegor
I have to analyze this song for my music theory final....
Author: Tusho
Beautiful interpretation of the piece... It is very clean and crystal clear. Thanks for uploading!
Author: Voodoole
@jkpiano ikr
Author: Torg
it sure made me laugh
Author: Gardakree
Author: Arat
Author: Kit
Now THAT is what i call imaginative. just so rich colours.
Author: Gobar
Very good♡!!!!!!
Author: Fenritilar
I saw Uchida play the Chopin e-minor concerto in London before I knew about her being a Mozart specialist. I agree with all comments - she is the greatest Mozart player in all of history living or dead, is it safe to stay that she plays Mozart even better than Mozart himself?
Author: Kajitaxe
also, why female pianists? She's the best pianist (obviously my favourite) I know. Of course, that is open to discussion but surely why just female pianists?
Author: Meztibei
Author: Shaktinos
Fantastic! really enjouyed it!
Author: Moogutilar
So great to finally find a recording actuate enough iI can use it for my homework project! You're amazing thank you for the post!
Author: Vuzilkree
Superb performance!!
Author: Tagal
Author: Togal
Thanks for uploading!
Author: Maurisar
Author: Kazil
does anybody know if there is a performance version of this?
Author: Vudokinos
This piece was hella hard for me to learn, and I really regret letting it slip away from my fingers. She plays it beautifully.
Author: Mesho
why hide the fact that shes a female?
Author: Fautaur
its fun to play this
Author: Shajar
All you stupid ass people dont know shit she played it this fast because she is a bad ass! Let's see a video of you losers?? Haha
Author: Vigrel
Thank you miss Uchida, you are my favorite Mozart's performer!
Author: Zulkile
that's the most amazing version of all:) i love it
Author: Mezijar
The only performance of this sonata I like SLIGHTLY (just slightly) better is Horowitz's.
Author: Akinora
Author: Brakinos
Fantastic, just sublime. I heard her in London recently with two Mozart concertos, I have never heard such exquisite and imaginative playing from anyone. It can be so hard to find recordings of this composer that really satisfy - Uchida has everything in my opinion. Thanks for posting!
Author: Zulrajas
@reinehcreinehc one day, horowitz heard someone outstanding in the radio, and thought he was man; it was martha argerich playing... he was struck when he knew it was woman
Author: Meztibei
Miss Uchida is a perfect role model for me! :) Thanks!
Author: Mezijinn
she plays it so well~ I'm playing this for my grade 8...sigh.
Author: Aratilar
absolutly amazing performance 10/10 XD


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