The Charlatans - One To Another (Official Music Video)

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Author: Maugor
mad to see how little views charlatans videos have
Author: Febar
'Be my spiderwoman, I'll be your Spider-Man!!!'
Author: Zolozuru
My music taste brought me hear (but I accept the recomendation of My Mad Fat Diary, gonna watch it)
Author: Tele
Bring back the 90's
Author: Vobei
How good was the music back then? These guys, Oasis, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene, Kula Shaker, Seahorses, Cast, Shed Seven, Suede, Pulp, Bluetones, Travis, the LA's, Lightning Seeds, Embrace and more...........every single one of these bands would shit all over todays bands/artists. Real, proper music is dead these days. Very few talented musicians/bands around. TV karaoke competitions have ruined music.
Author: Zologis
La mayoria venimos por mmfd💕😢
Author: Fezahn
anyone else not got a fuckin clue what mad fat diary is and is here cos of the song you've loved for years?
Author: Grobar
To skinny always, love fatty 
Author: Nalkree
To be continued...
Author: Zulkitaxe
Author: Zulkisar
This is music, not that shit kids listen to these days!
Author: Tygojinn
It would be great to be a 15 year old again back in 96 I'd love to go back fucking miss it no worries, down the park with the mates bottles of buckfast, md 20/20 and cans of hooch, batteries in the stereo for the tunes (no iPods and stuff back then) oasis, cast, blur, ocean colour scene,the charlatans, stone roses etc... Great days. Have they not invented a time machine yet???
Author: Saramar
Extraño a raemundo😭
Author: Mizuru
Author: Majin
BRs? My mad fat diary.
Author: Malarn
rae and finn:(
Author: Kikora
My Mad Fat Diary. <3
Author: Zoloshura
Wake up Rae, wake up Rae, fly, fly away
Author: Kajigar
my mad fat diaryy 
Author: Kiganris
To be continued...
Author: Kazibar
God I miss the 90's....


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