Disable Vodafone Flash Messages Popup

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Comments "Disable Vodafone Flash Messages Popup":

Author: Tojaran
Thank you very much..!!
Author: Tojabar
bro, you a legend.
Author: Zulugal
Thanks man. Fortunately I found this. Thanks a lot
Author: Kagakora
Thanks bro
Author: Maujin
Thank you for the help !
Author: Akishakar
Usefull video yar
Author: Daikree
Thanks bro
Author: Shaktizil
Author: Brale
Thank you. it was coming when playing pubg!!
Author: Faushicage
Thankz a lot bro😍
Author: Mek
Thalaivaa!! You are great!! Thank you soo muchh!!!
Author: Nirn
Thank-you very much
Author: Kazrar
Very helpful thank u so much
Author: Shaktizil
thank you.....they pissed me too much....great help..
Author: Tall
Thanks bro
Author: Arashilkis
Thanks for nice information. I hope this will solve my problem.
Author: Tygoshicage
Thnkuu.... This is very irritating.... I always get notified after every 10-15 minutes....
Author: Dainos
Thanks bro ..love you
Author: Vibar
When i'm pressing Vodafone services i'm getting only 1 option and that is of roaming...what is happening
Author: Vojin
Thank you so so so much..


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