Modern 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Nerdarchy Saves the World

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Author: Akijin
Outstanding!! Guys, you HAVE to know an email was being typed the entire time I listened to this broadcast. The email is already sent. Yes, it's as verbose as my usual comments. As such, I won't bore you twice ;)
Author: Gular
When is this game going to be played?
Author: Samuramar
This is going to be so awesome because everyone's going to be in the game!!!!!!!
Author: Mokazahn
when getting stats for a brand new character, does anyone prefer rolling dice?
Author: Doumi
Like you'd just be sat in your living room then BOOM CTHULHU
Author: Kagazil
It would be interesting on how many cults would form for all the Messiahs that'll show up (Clerics) and combat the walking dead (Necromancers), cure the sick, revive Ronald Regan (Until his check bounces), etc.
Author: Meztitaxe
So what if some dark cultists sneak over here and offer power to countries like North Korea or Russia. A modern country following Bane.
Author: Gumuro
E-Mail sent... I think Dave as an oversized dwarf would be hilarious. Hope this comes soon :) One question, did the death of the baby dragons trigger perhaps a Dracolich? RPG nerds would make so much money/gold selling information to fantasy heroes or villains. Also please let Nerdarchist Dave run for president during the Great Idea guys...
Author: Shaktizil
Spoilers guys. Spoilers.
Author: Faezshura
Email sent
Author: Arashikora
That is the coolest concept ever
Author: Fegar
You bought you pro-life/pro-choice regarding the baby dragons.  I'm not sure that it really applies to dragons because they are an egg. Seems to me it comes more in to affect with half-orcs.  Is it okay for this raped woman to have an abodtion or should she be carrying it to term, experienced all the unpleasant experences of pregnancy (won't go into detail) the social issues of carrying the seed of the enemy, does she get overlooked in a promotion because its assumed as a mother she will be more dedicated to her child than her career, etc, and then risk her life to give birth to what is quite literally a monster.  And it is her choice.  She can choice to keep it even if people are 'it is a monster, kill it'  The party coming across a woman shelter of women expecting half orcs and have different opinions could be an interesting RP experence - or get you in feminists comments if it seems like the PCs are taking the rights of the mothers aren't being respected so maybe you might decide to avoid that.
Author: Muk
Hmmm I could see myself being an NPC that aids Nerdarchy by giving them goods he has "Acquired" in order to hopefully save millions of lives. Defiantly could see myself as CG Gnome Rogue, maybe the leader of a "small" outfit of burglars and bandits who are kind of like Robin Hood.
Author: Moogushicage
Thanks again for a great video.
Author: Akijin
you could also just play rifts
Author: Duran
Hmm I think in a war the fantasy world wouldn't stand a chance, but what the fantasy world does have an advantage in is illusions and mind altering magic. Also the gods could be real game changers.
Author: Kazrashura
D&D incursions. I love this idea. Let me say, just our ability to use radio communication will bring us the win.
Author: Shaktirg
Two worlds coming together. The anime Gate is a different look at that.
Author: Gasar
So who is going to teleport into and portable hole Fort Knox?
Author: Maladal
Hey guys I know exactly were the white dragon egg should land somewhere in Canada, because from being from there I know it would take a bit longer for the general population to notice something really supernatural going on, because at first it would be assumed to be a strangely early winter and would be given little thought, until the D&D monsters star popping up everywhere. I would say more on that subject but, gotta get to that email.
Author: Saramar
Scott should be a Nerdarchy employee.  I know hes your friend, but he should be an "offical" member of Nerdarchy, 4 members to 5.
Author: Gurg
only thing that came to mind when you mentioned the president was like "We need to tell the president" and you go to tell him but he already knows and understands "Mr presi-" "I know! We're in DnD!"
Author: Gusho
absolutely a Facebook page. ! I would love for this to be fan interactive.
Author: Fenrigar
email is on its way
Author: Zulugami
I really dig this idea.  As others have posted, I was typing up my email, while listening to the video.  I can't wait to see how this goes.
Author: Bragore
Looking forward to this game Scott!
Author: Arashirg
personally i hate the point buy system
Author: Vorisar
I think it's hilarious this came up because my friends and I did completely the opposite: my buddy is the DM and he's using a homebrew system based off of 3.5 and 5e, and the campaign is us as characters dropped into a D&D world. We all got together one night and voted on ability scores for each of us and skill bonuses, but it's really great because we're role-playing ourselves. We just have to ask "what would I do in this situation?" instead of "what would Groznak the barbarian do in this situation?". His homebrew rules is that at certain plot points, if someone rolls a crit on something, they learn a spell related to what they crit on. Anyway, you can definitely expect my email :)
Author: Zulmaran
When world's collide, nerds know what to do.
Author: Daikora
The modern 5e, Nerdarchy Saves the World adventure, is such a fun idea. I like that you guys are taking this in sort of an X-Men style feel, except instead of mutants it's D&Dized Magic. I'm not surprised that Dave's a dwarf, Ryan's a halting rogue, or Nate is a psionisists. (I'd have been disappointed if Nate didn't know psionics!) I was surprised with Ted. I thought because of his training with the long sword, he was going to go Fighter but half-Elven cleric is definitely cool. I'm curious to see how the other Nerdarchy fans would D&Dize themselves but maybe it's better they just email in so as not to give out any spoilers.
Author: Gusar
OK, this is giving me ideas, in certain ways, Wiccans will suddenly find themselves empowered as anyone is willing to use this to go to the old gods, ask for power and get it.
Author: Nikor
My favourite thought from this is the idea of someone suddenly becoming a Warlock and just being confronted by a Fae, Fiend or Old One.
Author: Satilar
Ok sent the e-mail to your g-mail. I think nerdarchy use some people to scout this new world, make safe houses that sort of thing. I would like to volunteer. If you would have me. OMG is that a dragon. Can I pet the dragon? (LOL)
Author: Samugami
Email sent.  Super stoked to see what happens.
Author: Nikozahn
So cool. So cool. No words.


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